Why are we called Lazytoro?

Lazytoro tyr

Lazytoro? Are you lazy? What’s up with the bull?

The questions are many and I often get them.

One could be tempted to think that it is just a fancy name (you got to call it something), but actually there is both a story and a thought behind the name.

From Spanish airport chocolate to the lazy bull

When I went from running my one man business digitialmads.dk to founding an agency, we needed to come up with a name. I had just been to Barcelona, Spain on a working trip and had brought some sweets from the airport in Barcelona home with me.

In Spain they have a brand called Badtoro, the bad bull. Apart from sponsoring extreme sports athletes Red Bull style, they also sell assorted branded goods only in Spanish airports.

My then partners were pretty excited about the bad bull and made strong arguments for naming the agency Badtoro. I was on to the idea, but found that we needed to come up with an original name, that no one else was using. Even though Scandinavian links and Spanish airport chocolates are worlds apart.

We went through a long line of toro names until we ended up with Lazytoro.

Positive laziness

Apart from having a nice ring to it and working in all languages there was something about Lazy, that appealed to us.

Not that we are lazy in the normal meaning of the word. Far from it!

But we have always had the mission of making everyday life easier for our clients. Whether it be SEO agencies outsourcing their link building activities to us or a company using our Link Manager service letting us control their link building efforts, the fact is that we are doing the hard and demanding work for them.

Because we work exclusively with link building, it is possible for us to put things into system and to optimize our workflow in a way that makes it less resource demanding than if you you were doing your own link building.

We are making sure that our clients do not have to do more than absolutely necessary when it comes to link building, but instead can focus on what they do best: what they are selling in their business.

I other words: The bull may be “lazy” but it is also strong and pulls the heavy load.

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