We are specialized in link building and we offer tailor made offers whether you need just a few links or ongoing link building campaigns – and the best of it all: we do all the work while you are focusing on ding what you do best.

Lazy in the wise sense

The bull is lazy and so are you! Lazy in the wise sense af course. You are super proficient at your trade and very passionate about your customers. You have realized that the right thing is to focus all your time doing what you are good at and leaving everything else that it requires to be i business to other professionals.

When it comes to SEO and especially link building, the clever laziness comes into effect. Search engine optimization is a field that develops almost from day to day and it requires focus to stay up-to-date on the field. At Lazytoro we have been working with search engines since before Google was invented and we love being SEO geeks.

Our experience tells us that link building is the SEO discpline that most people find the most difficult! Link building is our core competence and we enjoy a good link as much as the bull enjoys a field full of Spanish cows.

We work together with writers, bloggers, business pages, niche sites and news media in Scandinavia and Germany in order to provide the necessary links, that will push your site upwards in the search results and thereby creating the turnover we all need.

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At Lazytoro we are SEO professionals and if you come from the agency world, we speak the same language as you. At the same time we are also entrepreneurs with a human approach and we are good at understanding you and meeting your needs on all levels

We understand your business and therefore we can provide solutions that are as smooth as possible. Our ambitions is that you and we should spend as little time as possible on unnecessary communication.

We are quick. We are “lazy” ourselves and are constantly working on optimizing our own workflows, so we can deliver both quality and quantity in a hurry. We are always thinking a few steps ahead so that we can take on even the most demanding tasks and fullfill all your link building needs.

So if you want to focus on what you do best, let Lazytoro handle everything else.

Link building for agencies

Lazytoro is built to be able to serve agencies and their needs. We provide a 100% white label solution, which you can sell directly as your own. We are already the engine behind a growing group of small, medium-sized and major agencies across Scandinavia. All our solutions are designed to be resold, and they are uncomplicated and highly scalable.

You manage the relationship with the end customer and you’re the only contact point. Our link building solutions are 100% white label, meaning the links we build become an integrated part of the overall SEO solution your client has purchased from you.

We are based in Scandinavia, which is also where we have an extensive personal network. If you have any business interests in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Germany, or clients with e-commerce sites in Scandinavia and Germany, Lazytoro can help both of you.