Why work with us?

We work with content writers, bloggers, industry websites, niche blogs and news media in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany to improve the efficiency of your work flows and increase the visibility of you or your clients brands.



Link building is our passion

Our speciality is link building for businesses and SEO agencies/consultants in Germany and Scandinavia. We offer tailored link building projects that can vary from as little as a few links to on-going link building campaigns – and the best part is that we do all the work while you get to continue focusing on what you’re good at.

Link building on demand
Link building when you need it.

Link building campaigns
Outsource your link building campaigns.

Link building outreach in Scandinavia and Germany.

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We understand your business

We understand your business and speak the same language, as we have also worked with SEO for many years in agencies, major companies and the biggest affiliate niches. We know our market well and have a good mix of Scandinavian nationals working here at Lazytoro. We are efficient, but also “lazy”, which is why we constantly try to optimise our own workflows in order to deliver quality as well as quantity as fast as possible. Our aim is for you and us to spend as little time as possible on unnecessary communication.

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